Sprinkles Of Light

This Greg Olsen painting reminds me of the following Poem
 God Can See The Butterfly In Me ...
                  (written by: Samuel Butcher)

When I look up into the sky,
or view the mighty sea,
I wonder how the Lord above
could find someone like me.
For I am only a tiny dot, next to
His mountains tall,
I always seem to ask myself,
"Can God see me at all?"

Then one day I saw something
much smaller than myself
so beautiful and tiny as it sat upon the shelf.
A Butterfly with wings of gold,
I couldn't understand
how anything so very small
could ever be so grand?

A thousand shades of color
on her bright and dainty wings,
I asked myself as I looked at
that special little thing...
If God could take the time
to paint a butterfly so bright
could He not also take the time
to watch me day and night?

Even though I may appear
to be a tiny dot,
among the many things He makes
it really matters not.
Whether I am giant size,
just big,
or very small.
God is love and from above
He watches over all.