Sprinkles Of Faith

Picture taken by my nephew, Chris, spring 2011
Faith Is The Glue

Written by Janalea Jeppson 9/2008

When nothing makes sense

faith steps in and I find the logic.

When I question "why?" or "why me?"
faith is the Comforter's arms around me assuring me

that everything happens for a purpose.

When I feel abandoned

faith walks with me and I realize I am not alone.

When life is too noisy

faith is the music that sings me to sleep.

When life is painful and it hurts
faith is the balm the heals my soul.

When nothing seems fair

faith is the peace that I find telling me

that all works out in the eternal wash.

When everything is good
I realize that faith is my joy.

When my heart burns with the spirit

I know that because of faith, I recognize its warmth.

When I am still ... I can hear God's voice

it is my faith that interprets what He needs me to know.

When all that's left is hope ...

that is then when I realize that it is because of faith

... that I have hope.