Saturday, August 29, 2015

He Loves Me Anyway

God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers. 
I don't know if that sounds comforting or terrifying ...
maybe a little of both.

Just when I think I've got life all figured out
and everything seems to be working well,
 something else goes wrong.

Trials never stop.
However,  neither does my faith!
Which is good, it keeps me going.
John 14:18
" I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you."
What an awesome promise!

I have been blessed with so much in my life
Such abundance that I can barely breathe
with the gratitude I feel.

Yet there is still those moments
When I ignore The gratitude
And choose to wallow in frustration!

I am so grateful to be the daughter of a heavenly Father
Who is so merciful and full of grace
that he allows me to whine and complain
and still blesses me abundantly.
 "Thank you Father, for loving me anyway"

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Hero, My Mom

My Hero, My Mom
 -Jana Jeppson

I don’t know if you ever knew
How much I look up to you…
And did you know that I can see
A hero in you … shining for me

Showing me the way …
You taught me first to pray
And promised if I had faith, I’d see
The path that my Father In Heaven  paved for me.

Every memory that we share
Is a picture you painted there,
To live forever in my soul …
Dear Mom,
I just need you to know …

For all the times that I should have said it,
I don’t ever want to regret it …
Please understand how much you mean to me.
And the hero in you is now a part of me!

There were times when I didn't hear
Didn't listen, didn't care
And things would sometimes fall apart

But I knew I could come to you
I trusted that you would see me through
And help me heal my broken heart,
because I knew that you loved me from the start.

Dear Mom, I mean it when I say

The joy you bring me will always stay
and for all the times that I should have said it,
I don’t ever want to regret it …
Please understand how much you mean to me.
And the hero in you is now a part of me!
A hero that will live eternally.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 15 .. yes it's true I am still writing!

   I entered my dear friend’s hospital room quietly. I didn't want to wake her, but I needed her to know that I was there and she was not alone. Stage four cancer diagnoses, immediate hysterectomy and scheduled chemo treatments.
 I am always the first one to find humor in any situation. There are times, however, when it is just not funny. I didn't know what I was going to say to her when she woke up. I am the one with the sarcastic wit, and sarcasm seemed to be highly inappropriate concerning this ordeal. So I just sat in the silence, empathetic tears running down my cheeks.

“Ya know,” she said, groggily. (I had no idea she was even awake).
“I was lying here thinking of what you would say to me when you got here,” she continued,
“Then I realized it was you who came in, so I peeked, and you are sitting there crying like a baby …
Lighten up; Jana … the silver lining to this whole situation is that I will never have to buy another pad again!”  She giggled.
“That is not entirely true.” I stated flatly,
“You were heading into menopause anyway, we’re both getting older, your gonna need pads for the “squirts” old ladies get when they laugh too hard … or sneeze! They didn't remove your bladder … just saying…”
She looked up at me and I winked!
 Peals of laughter came next from two nutty old women … with very weak bladders!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 14 Writing Challenge: Like Dr Seuss

I was thinking up things
As I lay in my bed.
Just thinking them up
Like Dr. Seuss said.
I thought of my life
And everything good
Am I getting stuff done
Like I knew that I should?

Am I making a difference?
Not complaining too much?
Am I happy and kind 
and that sort of such?
I thought of these things
'Til my thinker was sore 
But I kept on thinking
Of more, more, more more!
 I couldn't stop thinking
So insomnia got in
He came through the door
With a mischievous grin!

He taunted my tired
And  clouded my thoughts 
And messed with my thinker
'Til I could see spots!!

My head started aching
With fatigue setting in
"My job here is done!"
He laughed with a grin!

So he slithered away
As pests often will.
My brain was so tired 
But thinking stuff still.

I was thinking up ways
To not miss my alarm
For the lack of sweet slumber
Might do me some harm
If I started to snoozing 
While driving my car!
I'd be in real trouble
The worst yet, by far!!

I then realized how silly
That  these thoughts in my head
Were keeping me up, 
Though I was in bed!

It's true I had wasted 
Hours of  time
And all I can show
Is this crazy rhyme!
But I laughed right out loud
And found joy in the minute...
I knew it was joy ... 
There was giggling in it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 13 Writing Challange: A few things I have Learned

1. Life is a tender and fragile thing ... we need to take care of ourselves, prioritize to keep balance and live ... whining, complaining and sitting around just wastes that fragile time.

2. Stand for something ... or you'll fall for anything! Be a part of something you believe in, find refuge in your faith ...only in that faith will you find strength, hope and purpose.

3. Always make time for family and friends ... every moment lived is gone never to return. Make each moment matter!

4. be grateful! Life is richer and more meaningful when you find joy in all you are blessed with and true happiness is found in that gratitude!

5. Find joy in the journey. Notice the wonderful things in life...slow down and savor each delicate moment! It’s all about taking that moment to notice the orange and pink sunset reflecting off the pond water as you hold hands with someone you love. If you find that joy, there will never be any regrets!

6. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

7. Be kind ... no one likes a poop snot!

8. Laugh Often!

9. Never be afraid to tell someone how you feel!

10. Forgive ... holding hurt, anger and frustration inside keeps you in a prison that keeps you stagnant in your own life!

11. Don't be afraid to take a chance … Columbus did! And guess what??? The world is not flat!!

12. Make the choice to make your life what you dream it can be ...there's no such thing as a good excuse!

13. DREAM BIG!!! "If you have dreams inside your heart... don’t ever let them go, for dreams can be the magic seeds from which tomorrows grow!" I saw that once on a hallmark card ...the only regret in dreaming is not striving to make them come true! Pick one ... work on it ... and dance in the victory!

14. And this is just as true now as it was when I originally blogged it ... NEVER drink a 44 oz soda when your next activity requires reverence in a sacred place!

15. Make sure your ring tone on your cell phone is church appropriate at all times!! :o)

16. I have learned that the song in my heart is worth singing out loud ... even if no one else alive likes the tune!!! God does ... He composed it!

17. Changing your attitude, can change your life ... bad or good ... the choice is yours!

18. If you think you're crazy ... you probably are ... but a little crazy makes life alot more fun!

19. If you are too tired to find the joy in life ... (choose the answer that fits you the best)
a. get medicated
b. take a nap
c. or slow down

20. Never let it be said that a new pair of shoes can't change your life ... just ask Dorothy or Cinderella!

21. Be more patient. Living in frustration will constitute regret at some point! And as I said before whining and complaining just wastes precious time! (see life lesson #1)

Day 12 Writing challenge : He is My Friend

He Is My Friend written by Janalea Jeppson

He is my friend.
With Him I'm not alone.
He'll take my hand
and guide my journey home.
He gives me peace
and everlasting joy.
He fills my life
with everlasting light.

He Leads me,
He guides me,
He'll take my hand
and walk along beside me.
Through the power of His love
I have the strength to go on.

I've felt His love every day
my whole life through.
It's always there,
no matter what I do.
He'll be with me ...
He promised, 'til the end.
I'm not afraid
I know He's my friend.

He Leads me,
He guides me,
He'll take my hand
and walk along beside me.
Through the power of His love
I have the strength to go on.

He Leads me,
He guides me,
He'll take my hand
and walk along beside me.
Through the power of His love
I have the strength to go on.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 12 writing challenge :: Such is My Life

I wrote this originally a while ago ... But I rewrote it today... So that counts .... Right?


Photos: Me: Age 1,  My family: Leon newborn, Bryan 1 Jana 3 and Kayleen 4

Photo: Dec 1980 

My Life In Verse
                                      written by Jana Jeppson
I begin
Mom, Dad, Sister
My family.

Diapers, toddle time
One brother, then another
Bigger still, the family.

Daddy’s gone …
I cry

Kindergarten, hurt my eye …
Stitches…again I cry.

Grow some more,
2nd grade, Mrs.Smoot
Bobby friend
Has cowboy boots.
He’ll be mine
For all time …

Halloween, chicken pox
No trick or treat
Grandma’s house.

Wishes made
Children played,
Alma died,
Georgia  lied.

Daddy’s wife,
Kathy, two kids
Then more
Plus four.

Junior high
Hate it there
Don’t bully me!

I'll disappear!

I still grow
And then I go
To high school …
Drivers Ed
Bumped my head.

Fell off a horse
Numb bum,
Broken thumb …
Mom is mad
At poor old dad!

Lots of friends …
Lots of laughs,
Giggles, crushes,
Secrets, blushes …
What’s his name?
I won’t tell
All is well!

Senior Prom
high school gone 
graduate ....
my brother died
and how I cried ...

College days
Utah haze

Nieces, nephews
from heaven came ...
my world has never
been the same!

Nanny times
New York minute
Sacred grove in it! ...
a year gone by
the time does fly!

life is grand!

Singles ward

Broken dates
broken heart
what a fart!
Moving on

Nieces, nephews
more did come.

dreams ....
Dreams are broken
where's my one?
There is none ..
and I'm alone...

Lonely days
are many ...
another brother passed away
I don't know the words to say ...

Life is hard
my brain is fried ...
I think too much!
and time goes by ...

My cat is gone ...
there's no-one home
and silence echoes
a ghostly tone.

My phone is ringing ...
a call come in
laughs begin
and I am grateful!

Say a prayer,
God is there ...
He hears me.

And life goes on