Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 12 writing challenge :: Such is My Life

I wrote this originally a while ago ... But I rewrote it today... So that counts .... Right?


Photos: Me: Age 1,  My family: Leon newborn, Bryan 1 Jana 3 and Kayleen 4

Photo: Dec 1980 

My Life In Verse
                                      written by Jana Jeppson
I begin
Mom, Dad, Sister
My family.

Diapers, toddle time
One brother, then another
Bigger still, the family.

Daddy’s gone …
I cry

Kindergarten, hurt my eye …
Stitches…again I cry.

Grow some more,
2nd grade, Mrs.Smoot
Bobby friend
Has cowboy boots.
He’ll be mine
For all time …

Halloween, chicken pox
No trick or treat
Grandma’s house.

Wishes made
Children played,
Alma died,
Georgia  lied.

Daddy’s wife,
Kathy, two kids
Then more
Plus four.

Junior high
Hate it there
Don’t bully me!

I'll disappear!

I still grow
And then I go
To high school …
Drivers Ed
Bumped my head.

Fell off a horse
Numb bum,
Broken thumb …
Mom is mad
At poor old dad!

Lots of friends …
Lots of laughs,
Giggles, crushes,
Secrets, blushes …
What’s his name?
I won’t tell
All is well!

Senior Prom
high school gone 
graduate ....
my brother died
and how I cried ...

College days
Utah haze

Nieces, nephews
from heaven came ...
my world has never
been the same!

Nanny times
New York minute
Sacred grove in it! ...
a year gone by
the time does fly!

life is grand!

Singles ward

Broken dates
broken heart
what a fart!
Moving on

Nieces, nephews
more did come.

dreams ....
Dreams are broken
where's my one?
There is none ..
and I'm alone...

Lonely days
are many ...
another brother passed away
I don't know the words to say ...

Life is hard
my brain is fried ...
I think too much!
and time goes by ...

My cat is gone ...
there's no-one home
and silence echoes
a ghostly tone.

My phone is ringing ...
a call come in
laughs begin
and I am grateful!

Say a prayer,
God is there ...
He hears me.

And life goes on

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