Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 14 Writing Challenge: Like Dr Seuss

I was thinking up things
As I lay in my bed.
Just thinking them up
Like Dr. Seuss said.
I thought of my life
And everything good
Am I getting stuff done
Like I knew that I should?

Am I making a difference?
Not complaining too much?
Am I happy and kind 
and that sort of such?
I thought of these things
'Til my thinker was sore 
But I kept on thinking
Of more, more, more more!
 I couldn't stop thinking
So insomnia got in
He came through the door
With a mischievous grin!

He taunted my tired
And  clouded my thoughts 
And messed with my thinker
'Til I could see spots!!

My head started aching
With fatigue setting in
"My job here is done!"
He laughed with a grin!

So he slithered away
As pests often will.
My brain was so tired 
But thinking stuff still.

I was thinking up ways
To not miss my alarm
For the lack of sweet slumber
Might do me some harm
If I started to snoozing 
While driving my car!
I'd be in real trouble
The worst yet, by far!!

I then realized how silly
That  these thoughts in my head
Were keeping me up, 
Though I was in bed!

It's true I had wasted 
Hours of  time
And all I can show
Is this crazy rhyme!
But I laughed right out loud
And found joy in the minute...
I knew it was joy ... 
There was giggling in it!

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